Agriculture Alumni Cell

S.M.M. Town P.G. College, Ballia

1. Name of the Association :Alumni Association of Education
S.M.M. Town P.G. College, Ballia
2. Address of the Association : Faculty of Education
Sri Murli Manohar Town P.G. College,
Ballia (U.P.) 277001
3. Working area of the Association: Whole India
4. Aims of the Association :
»To develop a feeling of comradeship among the young and old students, teachers and employees of Faculty of Education, S.M.M. Town P.G. College, Ballia.
» To motivate the young and old members of the Association to visit their almamater and share their achievements.
» To facilitate/honour/award/reward etc. the members for their contribution to teaching profession or Association.
» To inspire and guide the young members of the association to join teaching profession at different levels in the country and abroad.
» To organize local, regional, national and international level seminars, conferences, publish Glimpses, News Bulletin, Magazine, Journals, Monographs and books in print and e media.
» To inculculate values, based on ideals of Sri Murli Manohar and the constitution of modern India.
» To inspire the members to contribute in all ways for the development of their Alma-mater, profession of teaching and of 'Educated India'.
» To organize programmes of social welfare in urban and rural areas.
» To open libraries and reading rooms in romote tribal, slum and rural areas.
» To open centres for guidance and counseling, environmental awareness and non-formal education etc. for the welfare of the youth.
» To confer citations, fellowship, scholarships to the qualified and talented individuals.
» To establish awards/rewards/scholarship on the name of donates/as desired by the donatees or renowned persons.
» To promote innvoations in Education through individual/team work in teaching and research activities.

We, the following members of the Faculty of Education, S.M.M. Town P.G. College, Ballia and signatories of the above Memorandum want to regulate this Association according to the bye-laws decided by Executive Body of the Association.





Dr. Rama Kant Singh



Dr. Sanjay Kumar Saroj



Dr. Omkar Singh

Joint Secretary


Dr. Bhartendu Mishra